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(1) syntax is "./localize <folder> < input > output"
Ah yes, forgot the "./". Fixed, thanks !
I also added an explanation that "cache" is a directory and not, say, some keyword.

(2) requires GNU-awk (-e). mawk worked but always gave a warning about -e
Fixed, too. Thanks !

It went through quite quickly and downloaded 68 files (87MB). All of them PDF (but 4 of them didn't get a .pdf extension).
That sounds right. The script uses various heuristics to determine what can be cached, and some companies get extremely creative in making their data sheet links not look like PDF at all.

Does having some of the file names not end in .pdf cause problems ? They seem to work fine with all the browsers I've tried (current Chromium, Firefox, Konqueror, rekonq, plus an ancient Firefox).

I'll keep my cache in case it becomes necessary.
That's the secret plan: keep many copies in safe places, so if something happens, at least some will survive :-)

- Werner

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