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Of course it is.

Can someone who is a gamer tell me, who isn't, if the gaming controls are even relevant on a Windows machine? I always considered Windows an OS for work, not for entertainment. And I always thought that gaming controls are for gaming consoles with their own proprietary OSes...
I'm not a gamer but I actually love GPD Win's design. I only hope the joystickers can be able to press as other console controllers.

I don't have time to play games for ages, but to answer pichlo's questions:

- One can easily play Xbox's Play Anywhere games (Not the big AAA titles but some indie ones, like Cup Head) without attaching other controllers or using keyboard

(Windows 10 has integrated Xbox well so you can play Xbox games / earn achievements / purchase and broadcast on Windows machines)

- One can stream Xbox / PS4 without using additional controllers. This is a big plus as I can give the big TV in living room to Girlfriend/Wife/Daughter (Sigh) And play Xbox as a portable console.

- One can play classic PC games with the builtin controller. On my GPD Win some old games did not run well as they show in portrait for some reason.

I am not a real player anyway and haven't switched on both GPD and Xbox for ages but if I want to play games the above points are actually great.

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