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Lets see what 2018 brings:

Purism has some lofty goals that seem more attainable with each advancement that we make. Our pace for these achievements is already impressive, and we plan on maintaining and exceeding that pace in 2018. This coming year, we plan to:

Release the development board for the Librem 5 phone.

Produce great documentation for developers to write applications into PureOS (or any GNU/Linux based OS) for the Librem 5 phone.

Attend significantly more conferences and events; this lets us meet long-standing collaborators, improves our own knowledge, and also lets us raise awareness about our ideals and approaches to solving long-standing challenges in the industry.

Release our Purist Ethical Services offering (more news on this later).

Advance the Librem 15 and Librem 13 laptops into a version model.

Release the much-awaited em tablet.

Release TPM + Heads as a “turn-key” product on our devices.
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