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Originally Posted by Harick View Post
ok, here is the niqbal theme Nš5 with a few fixes/improves.

All credits goes to niqbal, as i used his awesome, elegant and good looking, light and understandable design.

As a note: this is not a modification of niqbal's theme, but a complete remake using the default PR1.3 (and of course, a lot of code from niqbal's). No bugs so far, but just was tested in my phone.


- PR1.3 autoscroll up while writing a sms which exceeds the 2 lines. see here

- Fixed autoscroll down to the new reply when conversation is the active window. see here and here

- Portrait friendly (obviously)

- Fixed my previous bug, where bubbles never reach the end in landscape, because the 80% of portrait is not the same of 80% of landscape =P. see here

so, this is how it looks with marina theme

it was tested just by me, so a little feedback would be appreciated


Edit: added niqbal's corrections

FROM WHERE do you fetch self avatar???? is it from data from "my information", or you must put manually self avatar????