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Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Basically, I've been enjoying Live Wallpaper for a while now but there's one little kink that's kept bothering me and I was hoping if someone had a solution. I've been using Live Wallpaper in Slideshow mode with about 20 pictures to scroll through. However, there is one picture that never pops up. The picture is a jpeg file, 1280x1024 with a size of less than 300kb. And it really bothers me, I tried setting a Slideshow of only that single picture and I just get a black screen in my desktop. Every single other picture I have works, I thought at first it might be the physical size of the picture or size of the file but I've managed to get much larger pictures to work. Does anyone have any clues as to what could be going on? Thank you!

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