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Just throwing a quote inhere that is not 24 hours old (less time then this thread has been here)

Originally Posted by Hootenholler View Post
Another one bites the dust... my USB just fell out and I am as gutted as my phone. I have it insured so I will get on to them tomorrow - what next, I do not know. Not thrilled with the idea of an N8 or similar at all. Need to get a battery off someone so I can get hold of all my photos etc. as I have not transferred any for a while, although I did manage to shoot an email to myself with a BackUp file attached before the battery died though. Fingers crossed that a store round here still has an N900 in stock.
Everybody please try to see that if you want your N900 to survive then please do the solder down, or have someone you know do it for you

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