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Originally Posted by gregoranderson View Post
Wonko's Powermat mod is well worth following too:
The power mat takes care of charging, but not USB data (in case of broken USB), you can glue the USB down, it works like soldering down

Solder down:
- pros
REALLY gives all the strength to the USB by having a massive "support" that goes down to the giant GROUND copper around it
- cons
You have to scrape of some paint (not dangerous, really hard to mess up)
You have to apply a lot of heat the the USB casing to insure that the solder is not 'cold' soldered, rendering it useless

Glue down: (2 component glue)
- pros
If cleaned around the USB (where soldered would be used in the solder mod) then this should by all accounts give the same strength as the solder down
- cons
If not very careful where the glue is applied, and notice is taken for glue running (since it is a "liquid"), if it gets inside the USB then well your worse for where, you wont be able to use that USB ever again.