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Or a link to the Nokia RX-51/N900 Service Manuals for detailed information on disassembly; combine that with whichever approach to the USB port fix takes your fancy.

I'm about to do this on one, maybe two N900s, and think I favour using a thin "worm" of epoxy putty around the sides and the back of the port, reinforcing the pads and at the same time filling in the space under each side of the USB port. In theory (I haven't done it yet), this should adhere to more surface area than solder and will physically fill up the "triangular prism" spaces under each side of the USB port to provide a mechanical buttress against movement. We shall see...
No it won't, why, well you will apply glue from the USB to the circuit board, now you are just gluing the metal down to paint that doesn't stick to well (easy to scrape of to prepared for soldering) and if you glue it then the day will come that you find a USB that is broken off with a base of green paint hanging on to it.

Why don't you out there listen to people that actually KNOW how stuff works, i to thought about gluing mine, until i opened it up an looked at it, then i concluded that it would be a waste of time when considering that the glue will just rip the paint up with it or the worse possibility that the glue gets inside and you can't use the USB at all.

REMEMBER i have already done the soldering to 3x N900 without any problems at all.

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