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Hey guys,

I had to travel out of country for a few months and left my N900 home and forgot to remove the battery.

On returning, i checked and the battery had not leaked. I attached a charger, the LED came on and even the faint Nokia logo graphic that appears on screen and the loading dots appeared.

I charged for some time and then tried to power on the phone but it is not getting powered on.

I even went out and bought a new battery. The phone seems to be charging but cannot be powered on...
Occasionally I have exactly the same problem,
- freshly fully charged battery will not power n900 on.

This is Exasperating when you know for a fact
that the battery has been charged completely.

After a few encounters of this sort
I eventually decided the -detected- battery voltage floats too high,
up to where circuitry
kills the turn on. (pure guesswork actually)
Temperature does seem to have a substantial effect on this as well,
charging in a cold room seems to set it off.

In the past few months I shy away from leaving it on charge
and simply avoid fully discharged and fully charged states.
I charge it during breakfast,
and turn it off completely if I use too much battery.

This is not a solution or a cure,
it is simply procrastination until I get a real replacement.
I am guessing the cure involves dis-assembly and
cleaning dust from between the tracks of some forgotten cap
or resistor, or voltage sensing circuit,
if not replacing some SMD component now no longer available.

All in all,
this symptom reminds me to keep looking for an n900 replacement.

good luck
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