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I think the way it runs on ONDA is more hacky and complicated than it probably needs to be for Medion, if it's based on same device tree. Onda has 32-bit UEFI firmware and no kernel source code available from vendor, so basically I adapted Jolla Tablet kernel tree for it and used GRUB2 bootloader to boot 64-bit kernel with 32-bit UEFI (32-bit kernel can be also used in theory, but there is weird bug with kernel panic on starting PulseAudio).

Since Medion is Germany-based, can you request GPL kernel source code from them? It's either not present on their website or I couldn't find it.
Hello TheKit! Tell me, please, whether it is possible to port sailfishos on a tablet having a dual load. My tablet on an Intel Atom X3 C3230 processor (zenpad c7 z170cg). Can I use the firmware that you prepared for the Onda 830 without modification to be installed on my tablet?