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Hi, sorry for replying so late, but this really caught my attention as it could be a cheaper alternative to the Jolla Tablet. First, I want to thank you for the detailed tutorial and for the effort.

Would you (or anyone else with this tablet) please be willing to share any experience with using it for a few weeks?

What about the battery life? How much power does it draw when idle?
Does the miniHDMI-out work?

And the final question - since the port is based on the Jolla Tablet files (if I understand it correctly) and it uses the same kernel version, do the proprietary parts of SailfishOS work as well? Namely Alien Dalvik, Jolla Store and MS Exchange (never used it, but I'm curious).

Unfortunately, I was more interested in getting SailfishOS running on it than actually using the device, so can't really share much user experience. Battery should be around 3 hours for general use. miniHDMI is untested, since I don't have a display to plug it in, but it probably won't work, since Sailfish OS doesn't support more than one screen so far and they purposefully shipped Jolla Tablet without HDMI port.

As for the device itself, build quality/official OS (Windows/Android I mean) support/etc is not to be compared with more expensive devices, but it still does a lot for the price in terms of hardware itself.

And for the last question, yes, but it probably goes against the rules.

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Hi there
Also interested for my Toshiba Encore WT8-A-103
Since your device doesn't have official Android firmware, libhybris can't be used, but pure Linux adaptation will be probably much more generic. You can try running latest build of Remix OS and Android-x86 itself (they've integrated many kernel patches for Bay Trail) or general Linux distro to see what in terms of hardware support is likely to work and what's not.

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