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Originally Posted by MartinK View Post
  • IIRC, there is a way to turn the suspend off, with correspondingly worse power usage
mcetool -sdisable

Originally Posted by freemangordon View Post
@MartinK: I'd recommend having a quick look [...] before commenting what iphbd does or does not.
@freemangordon, presumably @MartinK just intended to describe SailfishOS' power management in general, what he achieved IMO well.

Actually your statement fits just as well to the original statement by @marmistrz:
Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
Some time ago I heard something about iphb - that it's used to make sure that the application is woken often enough.
All in all I wonder, if the original presumption made in the thread title, "Why do we have iphb in the whole Maemo family" really holds true, as @marmistrz obviously meant to include MeeGo, Mer and SailfishOS in that "family" (although the relationships are weak, e.g. between Diablo and SailfishOS), judging by his last sentence, "edit/clarification: I'm only interested in native apps, not Alien Dalvik."
Maybe the whole confusion just arises from fuzzy (i.e. imprecise) wording.

@all: Is IPhb used in Mer / SailfishOS (as I have not stumbled over anything IPhb related in SailfishOS, yet)?
@marmistrz, do you have any reference (beyond "having heard of")?

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