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@olf, assuming that mimic is installed correctly and didn't get damaged on download, there most probable cause of problems is OOM killer.

In general, Poor Maps has preference among TTS engines which is

mimic [best]
flite [2nd]

The first on the list gets picked. So, if you have mimic installed, that would be used.

Now, if OOM gets involved, you could test it by checking what's exit value after running in shell. Mimic has several voices with the default one the most complicated (male voice ap). So, if my suspicion is right, you could switch to a simpler model by choosing female voice (slt) in Poor Maps preferences and see if it will start working.

I doubt that mimic is using any fancy hw-acceleration that could hit some other limits than RAM in J1. Since you have multiple J1, you can always run a small cluster of them and share the tasks around (would require some coding on Poor Maps side). While a joke, its surely doable .

I hope that switching the voice will resolve your problems. If not, please try to figure out whether OOM killer was involved.

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