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  • "Encrypt user data" (Accepting this will encrypt all user data stored on the device. This is an irreversible change and you will need to enter a lock code on all future boots in order to access your data.<br><br>If you accept the device will reboot automatically and you will be prompted for your lock code before encrypting your data. This may take as long as an hour and your device will not be usable again until the encryption has completed.)
I wonder how this is implemented - it basically means they will probably do in place conversion from unencrypted volume to an encrypted one as they can hardly leave enough place free to make it possible to create a new ecrypted volume of same size as the current one and copy the current data to that. Apparently there is a tool to do in-place LUKS conversion, so maybe they are going to use that. Or they could setup LUKS by default and just set the encryption key once requested (& possibly reencrypt the data with it).
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