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Voice and SMS worked immediately after topping up. All the phone needed to do was try. I am happy to wager that as far as the provider is concerned, data was available immediately too. It was the phone's fault for not even trying. Once data was disabled, the phone got itself into a "this network has no data" state and the only way to get it out of that state was a power cycle.
Ahh, so it was only the data connection that did NOT work, your voice&SMS were resatored when you updated credit to the account? I missed that bit of information in the original question!

Now this leads to some interesting questions since basically all of the traffic both uplink and downlink are "data", just handled a bit differently...

Did you check what the established connection was, 2G, 3G, 4G?
Could it have been possible for example that your device was expecting to get 3G/4G data connection but network forced it to drop to 2G; that would have made CS calls and SMS available but prevented data calls?

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