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Since my Note 2 died in July I have been using regular phones for the past few months and I'm now considering buying a new Note. The only choices for me are the Note 4 and the 5 but the 5 feels like a downgrade. No IR, no MHL, no SD card slot, non-removable battery, what else did I miss? Is there something in the Note 5 that makes up for all these things that they gave up?

Could the LG V10/V20 and a stylus be another option? Pressure sensitivity is not a necessity for me but an accurate stylus that can draw fine lines is.
You might also consider the Note 4's brother (or sister), the Note Edge. It does not have quite as much development as the Note 4 but is still the best phone I've owned. I like the wider aspect ratio of the screen and you can flash the Note 4 rom on it if you are not interested in the edge features. I also slapped a lemon battery on it which gives me up to three days usage without charging. Although it's a pretty thick beast now!

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