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Just an update. I bought an LG V20 and a Galaxy Note 4 the other day. I actually bought the LG first then about an hour later I saw an ad for the Note 4 which was being sold at bargain price so I couldn't resist. Two days later both phones arrived and to my disappointment the Note 4 was a fake. I didn't realize that there are fakes of the Note series.
I'm enjoying the LG V20. The removable battery and IR are very much appreciated. I think the high-quality headphone jack output can be enjoyed even by non-audiophiles like me. The audio recording capability is amazing. In terms of camera performance, the S7 Edge is better.

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Since my Note 2 died in July I have been using regular phones for the past few months and I'm now considering buying a new Note. The only choices for me are the Note 4 and the 5 but the 5 feels like a downgrade. No IR, no MHL, no SD card slot, non-removable battery, what else did I miss? Is there something in the Note 5 that makes up for all these things that they gave up?

Could the LG V10/V20 and a stylus be another option? Pressure sensitivity is not a necessity for me but an accurate stylus that can draw fine lines is.

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