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Thanks for the reply. I don't meant to be argumentative or critical, but what would the point of the MeeGo adaptation be if there's no useful browser, navigation and video integration?
Keep in mind that the topic of this thread is 'hardware adaptation'.

Normally a MeeGo installation you'd get from a vendor is consisting of four pieces:

MeeGo Core, a hardware adaptation (drivers, configuration files for hardware, firmware, etc), a MeeGo UX (for example Handset) and optionally vendor provided applications, plugins, app stores, etc.

The things discussed here is hardware adaptation, which together with Core provides the ability for the device to run MeeGo.

That said, MeeGo UX's should come with some reference applications. Examples could be (I have no idea if they're there), file managers, calculators, etc. For example, Netbook UX has Chrome as browser.
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