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I have some issues with the cover art on Jolla.
I've tagged the mp3 files and included cover art inside the mp3 file. There is separate cover art for each track. When I look at the playlist, it shows same cover art for each track from same album.
It appears to be quite random on what track's cover art is used.

1) Could it be possible to set option to show individual cover art instead of same cover art for each track in same album?
2) If not, how is the cover art selected by the app? I could create a dummy track just to get suitable cover art.

I have my collection on podcast episodes, in below example I have Armin van Buuren's - A State of Trance. The album name is "A State of Trance 2014" for the episodes in 2014 and "A State of Trance 2015" for episodes on 2015.

Similary I have Pete Tong's Essential Selection episodes in albums
Essential Selection 2014
Essential Selection 2015.

Each track has their own cover art, but it's only displayed correctly on the track view. Ie. on left all 2014 tracks have cover art of "Top 20", even though you can see for example episode 692 having totally different cover art.
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