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1) OBD-II Link - For those who are unaware of what OBD-II is, it's a communications protocol standard present in every car since mid-90's. There's a plethora of bluetooth OBD-II adapters, and several Android and iPhone apps that can show loads of engine information, like temperature, mileage, oil pressure, fuel pressure, turbo pressure (when present), speed, rev meter and ECU's error codes. It could be just a matter of adapting a Raspberry Pi project to Maemo to be able to read the bluetooth data from the OBD-II adapter and display it on the screen;
We already have pyobd for live data, and I compiled obdgpslogger, which can capture more data points, but doesn't do graphing/live display.

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3) GPS tracker - This could be the most tricky. I think it's possible to adapt the GPS functions from those ecoach programs, to parse the phone's coordinates to a SMS message. You could program trusted phone numbers and a secret code, so when the trusted phone sends the secret code to the N900's number, it would return its GPS coordinates in a message. Maybe we could also link it with a maps app to put a marker on a map readable by google maps.
GPSRecorder is a minimal program that can do what you want. Logs to file.

In all honesty, the amount of processing to do all 3 "live" is probably beyond what the N900 hardware can manage.

Just my two cents

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