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I was thinking about going for a BB10 device .But then does it offer true multitasking like n900?I have heard BB10 too kills apps without user permission once it goes past the system memory.I have heard about an 8 app limit on BB10 too.Does BB10 ever give a low memory warning.?I would prefer a low memory warning like the old symbian days than killing apps on its own.
Right now it does close apps after 8, but I read somewhere that this limit is supposed to be removed in a later software update, and they are also supposed to open up the ability for third party programs to run processes in the background that would also make this less of an issue. But yeah, it still kind of sucks. Multitasking isn't as good as it is on the N900, but it is much improved over what is available on iOS, Android, or WP8.

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