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As seen in my signature, my recent companions include a Nexus 4 (to call/SMS and to success N900's versatility, though it's not so close) and a Captivate Glide (to success N900's keyboard and networking abilities, and yes, it does its job better than N900: bigger keys and 21Mbps HSPA+).
I do miss the app switcher, but the damn resistive screen put off my enthusiasm to use it. If Maemo 5 were released with a capacitive screen device with at least 512MB RAM...
Google Nexus 4 / Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE / Samsung Galaxy Nexus / HTC Incredible S
Nokia N900 in the drawer...

Time to move on. If you can't afford an N950, and don't know how/where to fetch a Jolla, then head for Android reluctantly, or you're stuck. Seriously.

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