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Guys, get your **** together and stop behaving like a preteen girls! Last time I visited kindergarten children seemed more mature there. I enjoyed reading your quarrels now here (for pure evil entertainment), but it's not right place for them... If you feel you need that, meet in person, beat the crap out of each other, place lawsuits and go to jail (maybe you would even be placed in one room, that would be hilarious for your inmates).

Seriously though, just go to PMs (not to be mistaken with PMS), not publicly (wtf does your personal problems have to do with community at all?), if I were a mod, I would use my banhammer without mercy - otherwise you're like perpetuum mobile, none of you will stop (as obviously both of you want to have final word, despite saying that you want to keep this thread on topic and will shut up now... like little children yet on much more serious level).

And, even more seriously, I will remove my post in few hours (unless someone other does it), please don't reply to it I just wanted to show my (and possibly not only my) irritation If you don't sort it out by the end of the year, there is this nice place in South America (I forgot the exact name) where for one day (christmas eve or new years eve - I don't remember exactly either) you can fight publicly with other people if you have problem with them and it's not against the law there - maybe we as a community can fund you both plane tickets, so you can sort your quarrels out (of course with live youtube stream for us to watch)

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