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Just to clarify (I'm a bit thick today). I made my donation to GDC via CC. I have received the confirmation e-mail from Neo900 this morning.

Do I still need you send you an e-mail with a copy of the original invoice? or do you have all the information you need?
We need original invoice (screenshot/printout of your GDC order page) only for those who received a refund to their own account and transferred that by direct money order to the Neo900 UG account by themselves, not for the donations transferred from GDC to Neo900 UG directly according to your instruction note you placed on your GDC order page. I.E.: do not send a mail claiming YOU transferred a payment to the Neo900 UG account when in fact you just left a note to GDC to forward your refund directly to Neo900 UG, please.
It's appreciated though not mandatory when you leave us a mail message telling us about the fact that you left a note at GDC to do direct transfer. This way we can check that nothing got lost and we have an additional source for the data, in case there are any ambiguities or data corruption somewhere.

Generally when you received a confirmation mail then the mail addr of that came from the comprehensive data that GDC added to the money transfer subject. Based on L12345 number of GDC order from that data we can correlate the inbound money transfer and mail addr to supplementary data we receive from GDC about further details of your original payment, so bottom line:
when you received a confirmation mail with L12345-number, everything is fine

However when you received a mail with "GDC order reference number: --not applicable--" then we received a payment for which we have no data about any previous donation you did to GDC and you might want to send invoices of GDC to let Neo900 UG know about it. This is regularly the case when you received a refund from GDC and you sent that refund to the Neo900 UG account. Note please: it will not help when you add your L12345 GDC order reference number to the subject of any money transfer you do directly to Neo900 UG account, since Neo900 UG cannot access the related data in GDC's database, so in any such case we need a copy of your original invoice (with date, amount, etc) so we know about such data.

when you don't have any confirmation mail yet, just make sure you didn't miss to add a note at your GDC order page as explained in mail from GDC. Please stay patient, we need to process inbound money transfers one by one, it may take several more days.


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