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here is a polished version of the conky-like lockscreen; portrait and landscape mode.

To make it work, you should copy the contents - except the fonts - to /home/opt/qtlockscreen/ConkyLike folder.
The fonts (accent, champagne & limousines, ananda neptouch) should be copied to /usr/share/fonts. I use champagne & limousines as my system font, so in the config file I didn't name this font, you should do this if you would like qtlockscreen to use this font.

- Shows actual temperature, but sometimes it cannot handle the dot, so the results can be eg.: 388, 388., 38.8 (I use kernel-power, so the temperature comes from bq27200-0 module...). The command should be correct though...

- Battery: when charging, shows CHRG. When not charging, shows eg.: BAT 78.5%

- Shows actual cpu frequency.

The weather "widget":
- it works only when wireless is on, but the "widgets" will show the data when wifi is on or off, because the script pulls down the data and create a file from what qtlockscreen can show the data;

- wget should be installed;

- shows current condition only when wireless is on (no connection is required; I thought "hey, why would you turn on wifi if you do not want to connect to the internet...?");

- shows "Today" only if the system date matches the date it pulled from the weather file. Else it shows the date in the weather file. (Example: if the current date is 05 nov, and the weather file contains that date in the specific line, then it says "Today"; if it is 08 nov and you haven't connected to the internet since 05 Nov, it will show 11/5/2014).

- to make the weather "widget" work, you should make the WeatherInfo script (which is a bit modified version of a conky weather script that I found on the internet) executable and write the desired address to the end of the "address" line in the script (example:|NEW-YORK; or|JP007|TOKYO; or|GB007|LONDON; etc.).



EDIT: I would appriciate some help as I can not make the "Calendar" "widget" to work (to display events); I tried to code it in the .ini file, but nothing works... Thanks.
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