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Feel no buyer's remorse, RogerS, you made a good choice in acquiring another N810. I also had my N810 disappear last summer - only it was due to my own personal spaciness. I forget it on an airplane, and of course, it never made it to Northwest Airlines' lost-and-found. Well, because of all the hoopla about those little netbooks, I decided to score an Asus Eee PC as a replacement (I'm easily influenced by consumer electronics hysteria). And I gotta say, I really dig the Asus Eee. I bought a barely used one for around $200 on eBay - upgraded the RAM to 2g and use Ubuntu for the OS - very slick little thing.

But ya know, I really miss my N810. Although small, the Asus Eee still feels like a laptop. Yes, I've also got an N800 and a 770 which I use all the time for accessing the Web in strange places (e.g., lounging in the back yard, bed, sofa, etc.) But with the N810, you really get the sense that Nokia finally got the design right - that Nokia finally achieved product excellence with its "release early, release often" hardware philosophy. Right size, better display, storage, and hardware keyboard. (But I could never get the N810's f%$$@! GPS to work!!) And OS 2008 is way better than the early IT OSes. But for all the iphone hype and Apple brand cultism, I think Nokia would have greater market share with the N810 in the mobile device market (although, arguably, they're very different devices). Anyway, enough rambling. I'm glad you feel content about buying another N810 - you should! And given all the coin I've dropped for gadgets over the years, the price you got it for is a steal. You've inspired me to consider getting another - maybe if I get a big enough tax refund . . . .