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Originally Posted by arcean View Post
What about
parameter ? Note that you need CSSU.
can't find the parameter
yes i am using cssu (latest thumb)
looks like the responsible parameter is the 'zoom_more=' which is set to 16 as default
when i set the number to 0, the blur was completely gone like the one in theme customizer custom transitions.ini
tried to changed to 1 and other numbers, there was no change at all

should i add the parameter you gave in a new line in transitions.ini file?
 Blurring of the home view
# -- radius: amount of iterations of blur filter to perform when not zo$
#            eg. for dialogs
# -- radius_more: amount of iterations of blur filter to perform when z$
#                 eg. for launcher/task navigator
# -- saturation: saturation of the background when blurred
# -- brightness: brightness of the background when blurred
# -- zoom: Basic amount to scale the home view by (gets multiplied by h$
#          'levels' deep the UI is - eg. launcher is one level, launche$
#          is another)
# -- zoom_applets: Amount to scale applets by when zooming out
# -- zoom_on_press: set to 1 to include a zoom effect when the screen i$
# -- parallax: Amount of parallax between desktop and widget layers whe$
radius = 12
radius_more = 16
aturation = 0.8
brightness = 0.4
zoom = 0.93
zoom_applets = 0.85
zoom_on_press = 1
parallax = 1.3

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