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Hi there,

I'm a complete novice with maemo and programming in general.
I bought a n810 recently (big discount) and am trying to get Anki to run:

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give me on getting it to install. I've searched over this forum and asked on the Anki forum but no luck.

I have started several times over from scratch with a clean install of updated diablo OS.

Following the instructions at the link above I've installed libanki, ankiqt and anki maemi.

However I can't anything to run.

From reading this thread ( ) and others I think the problem is I need to install python-gtkhtml2 ? Is that correct?

If so I've struggled to do this, I can't seem to get it to appear in extras-devel

I'm a total novice and have had a go with the command lines in the terminal but I'm probably getting it wrong. If someone could point out exactly what I have to do I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry if these questions are really basic, I'm a total novice. Thanks for any help or advice.