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I'm happy to say I received my voucher today (correct discount), as well as a link to the neo900 shop.
Since buying a Neo900 becomes more concrete, I've a few questions for Neo900UG team :

1) The shop's certificate is not verified ! If I buy anything, I'd rather do it on a secured plateform. Do you plan to fix this issue quickly ?

2) I'm evaluating buying the "NeoN kit" only. I have a spare n900 but some of its pieces are broken.
a) What pieces are necessary to build a neo900 (would really be nice if they are listed on the shop page) ?
b) Would the "DIY phase" recquire skills of some sort (for example, solder, file or drill things) ?
c) What tools the "DIY phase" would recquire (which screwdrivers, etc.) ?
3) Would it be possible to get a more accurate information about the "per country" shipping cost ? I'm pretty sure 90€ (excluding VAT) is a bit overpriced for shipping a phone to a neighboring country.

4) Because prices of component may change during the following weeks, but because deciding wether to buy or not can take some time :
a) Will you announce when you are about to source a batch of component (encouraging people to buy before) ?
b) If the price of some components increase when I have already paid but before neo900UG orders a batch of them, will I have to complete with extra € ? Or will this addionnal cost be covered by the whole buyers during the final payment ?
5) I don't want to seem pessimistic but would I be refunded :
a) If the project fails for any reason (huge unexpected costs, too few buyers, major hardware/software problem, legal reasons, etc.) ?
b) If the final cost of a device is greater than the current evaluation and I want to retract before the final payment ?
c) If I want to retract for any personnal reason (such as "cannot afford anymore", or simply "interest lost for this project") before the final payment ?

Thanks by advance !

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