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Originally Posted by Bearserker View Post
I'm happy to say I received my voucher today (correct discount), as well as a link to the neo900 shop.
Since buying a Neo900 becomes more concrete, I've a few questions for Neo900UG team :

1) The shop's certificate is not verified ! If I buy anything, I'd rather do it on a secured plateform. Do you plan to fix this issue quickly ?
Dos1 just fixed it. Thanks dos1!
Originally Posted by Bearserker View Post
2) I'm evaluating buying the "NeoN kit" only. I have a spare n900 but some of its pieces are broken.
a) What pieces are necessary to build a neo900 (would really be nice if they are listed on the shop page) ?
b) Would the "DIY phase" recquire skills of some sort (for example, solder, file or drill things) ?
c) What tools the "DIY phase" would recquire (which screwdrivers, etc.) ?
a) (which pieces) All but the mainboard. However we can provide some (not all) spare parts if needed.
b) (skills) No particular skills beyond those also needed to build a house of cards or swap battery of a delicate tiny gadget, turning a screwdriver gently.
c) (tools) we provide all tools you possibly need, though of course only low-cost version.
Originally Posted by Bearserker View Post
3) Would it be possible to get a more accurate information about the "per country" shipping cost ? I'm pretty sure 90€ (excluding VAT) is a bit overpriced for shipping a phone to a neighboring country.
those are cost items not as simple as "fedex fee", they consist of labor packaging handling whatnot, possibly even margin for resellers, and yes they are all calculated high so we won't have to tell you about increased cost a second time.
Originally Posted by Bearserker View Post
4) Because prices of component may change during the following weeks, but because deciding wether to buy or not can take some time :
a) Will you announce when you are about to source a batch of component (encouraging people to buy before) ?
b) If the price of some components increase when I have already paid but before neo900UG orders a batch of them, will I have to complete with extra € ? Or will this addionnal cost be covered by the whole buyers during the final payment ?
a) we already completed first such batch sourcing, for the 1GB RAM PoP chips. That however doesn't mean that was the deadline, I'm planning to source some more as soon as enough funds arrived to do so. Same applies for all other risk part batch sourcing.
b) I don't expect that to happen, so I haven't thought about how to handle that case.

Originally Posted by Bearserker View Post
5) I don't want to seem pessimistic but would I be refunded :
a) If the project fails for any reason (huge unexpected costs, too few buyers, major hardware/software problem, legal reasons, etc.) ?
b) If the final cost of a device is greater than the current evaluation and I want to retract before the final payment ?
c) If I want to retract for any personnal reason (such as "cannot afford anymore", or simply "interest lost for this project") before the final payment ?
We promised to refund donations equally from remaining funds when project has to be discontinued for whatever reason (a massive price increase *after* you completed the pre-order for sure could create such a reason where we had to discontinue and refund).
When you want to bail out for whatever reasons, we want to handle this a way that's most convenient to you, but obviously we can't allow all customers would do that at will at any time, since this would instantly kill the project right away. If there's a personal problem, please contact me in email, I'm sure we can find a solution.

When you think anything could get handled in a better way by Neo900 UG, please don't be shy to bring it up and let's discuss it. Thanks for your questions which gave the opportunity to clarify a few things


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