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Originally Posted by reinob View Post
I received my voucher, and have already made my pre-order for a complete device. All went fine and smooth.

Now, my voucher was bigger than the pre-order amount, so I receive a new voucher automatically with the remaining amount. I then went put 120x "Down payment top up" and put my voucher code (which is for EUR 20). When I hit "OK" I get "There is 1 error. You have not reached the minimum amount required to use this voucher".
Many Thanks for noting this. It seems I created the vouchers with a minimum total sales amount of 350.- since that's the minimum of the both base products. I somehow thought that I could enforce top-ups to get bought only by customers who also order the basic Down Payment of either Neo900 or NeoN.
Seems it works
I adjusted your (and another similar) voucher usage-limit for now, as a stop-gap. As a work around for other customers: please try to order top-ups from voucher only together with one of the two base products, so your pre-voucher-rebate invoice is >=350.
"Long term" I will see how to change/remove that voucher limit, I obviously failed to consider a few valid use cases
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks again

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