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  • "open" and "free", what's the correct definition? Even N900 is amazingly "free" and "open" compared to the NSAndroids. I hope, hell I BELIEVE that GDC and Joerg is (was) trying to do the best for Neo900. (And I know, from time to time, people disagree about what's best.
    Eagle schematics are really important (not only) for me, but even without them, Neo900 would be my only choice.
  • Don't let this amazing project collapse just and only because of personal disagreement.
The schematics will get published, probably even the eagle representation (*.sch). Of course we'll also publish proper useful component placement info. This is strictly about PCB LAYOUT (inner invisible layers and footprints down to 0.01 inch accuracy) which is done by a tool Nikolaus developed and is using footprint libraries that are Nikolaus' property. In fact you will get all the info needed to actually build your own Neo900, just you had to do some work for layout on your own. I'd be more than happy as an EE for such quality of documentation to be found for any device I had to deal with, on whatever level. As a chinese copycat I'd laugh my a*** off on seeing some company publishing the layout/gerber files to do a favor to their customers - unless such company wants to sell chips instead of devices and thus foster development of products using those chips by publishing a reference design. Nevertheless I am in favor for publishing the layout project files as well, just not promise anything right now, since it has low priority as I already explained.

And definitely no personal disagreement between Neo900 group and Estel will cause the project to collapse. Prospects reading and believing his badmouthing and lies might though.


PS: somehow I feel like this thread should get closed and moved to off-topic, since it's spreading FUD about a non-issue, based on unjustified expectations and personal misinterpretation of terms like "open device", of one person that obviously rather wants to run a vendetta than help the project.

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