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  • "open" and "free", what's the correct definition? Even N900 is amazingly "free" and "open" compared to the NSAndroids. I hope, hell I BELIEVE that GDC and Joerg is (was) trying to do the best for Neo900. (And I know, from time to time, people disagree about what's best.
    Eagle schematics are really important (not only) for me, but even without them, Neo900 would be my only choice.
  • Don't let this amazing project collapse just and only because of personal disagreement.
well said!

anyway, i don't like the atmosphere of this thread...
I think it is pointless to argue about "it is 100% open or not" knowing that's the first goal of the device, has the n900 successor.
and we must not forget that apart the hardware aspect, there are also the financial and legal aspects to deal. it WILL take some time, they are not making a cake. So don't panic.

thank to the team for your work and time you spend on the neo900 project!

PS : off topic but, how many people are REALLY involved in the project?
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