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@Zeta, thank you very much for testing!

I must say I am quite puzzled with the results. Its all working on OnePlus X SFOS - no crashes.

So, I would like to ask others to test and check whether it works on other hardware. Earlier we had as working:

Oneplus One, SFOS
Jolla C, SFOS
Sony X, SFOS
Jolla Tablet, SFOS

and crashing

Jolla 1, SFOS, n=3
Photon Q,

Would be good if at least one J1 owner would confirm the crash with the current demo.

Few things have changed when compared to the earlier test:

* I am linking libstdc++ statically, as I did for mapbox-gl-qml to ensure that I can distribute Mapbox GL QML type as a plugin. Earlier, a dynamic linking with libstdc++ was used and libstdc++ together with the libgcc_s were provided with the binary. I am not doing that anymore and maybe this causes the crash.

* QMapboxGL library is updated to qt-staging branch from qt-v1.1.0 to enable mangling of URLs when requested from online (corresponding PR was just accepted upstream). Use of the latest qt branch was required to enable support of internal Mapbox GL scheduler that is used in constructing the corresponding callback. URL mangling is required when you want to use servers that ask for api keys, as the server setup by @otsaloma does. However, maybe there are some additional changes in the new branch that lead to the crash.

* there are probably several other changes that I did while developing the QML type, but nothing really pops up into my mind that would cause such behavior.

So, before I start reverting the changes, would be good to get some additional testing on the current version.

Edit: PS: Zeta, sailfish_latest_armv7hl (armv8el) used to be before as well. As far as I understood, its default for the current SFOS target. Or am I wrong?

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