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Originally Posted by shaihkritzer View Post
still wondering which would be a better choice: moto z1/z2 with keyboard mod or this new qwerty device.

obviously once the specs are published it would be much easier to decide. still wondering in terms of pricing (it's possible to buy z1/z2 for approx. $100 now and the mod itself is approx $100 too. so it's $200 in sum), any idea what pricing range would fit this new device?
also the time is a good question, `cause it took really long to build the keyboard mod and I'm not sure it would be available to anyone outside IGG campaign. then how long would it take to build a whole device from scratch, even if it's obviously the case part would come from keyboard mod and it's about 90% done.

p.s. I know I should be patient but the news about unavailability of keyboard mod really makes me nervous, good oldie N900 won't last forever either.
The Moto Mods and this new project are developed separately by different teams members. They are more like in parallel.

The problem for the Mod is it adds too much thickness in the middle, and makes the top too heavy and overall too thick. Obviously an all in one device is much better.

Also some minor part like the springs, I have to kept the spring open in order to reduce middle part thickness for above reasons but this problem won't exist in the upcoming device.

My experience from Mod project is never rely on anyone else, regardless big or small, but being independent and control everything in my own hands.

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