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Install N9 RepoMirror from Warehouse?
Is installed, and have been for some time. I'll uninstall it and try to re-install it, see if something is "wrong" with it.

Installing it threw an error message,
Operation failed: E-sub something threw an error.
It's not on screen long enough to figure out quite what it says, but i suppose uninstalling it was a mistake. Now it just throws the error, and then the button "install" is back again.

Some More Edit's
After rebooting the phone, it's apparently not uninstalled. Which very well could cause the error on installing i suppose.
Running out of ideas, again. And it's 3 in the morning, so it's bedtime. I'll read up on any wisdom posted through the night, when i get back up.

Again, thank you all. anyone who reads this far down, for your time and effort.
/Some More Edit's

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