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It does seem like either the R&D dept is on something or they're just throwing out some insane ideas to see where peoples interest lies. It seems there is some more info on the Outer Blueprint program to come, so we will have to see what that is.

In some ways, as crazy as the recent ideas are, it is actually quite interesting to see. Firstly, from a design point of view, the 2 most recent announcement and the preview phones sent out all have quite different designs. A lot of the high spec, low price phones coming out of China seem to borrow heavily from Samsung and Apple. Secondly it does seems to offer some, albeit crazy, ideas none of the big name companies have yet to put out.

Do I think they will ever reach the market as stated? Not a chance, at the moment. When/If the final production version of the current device is released and promises are met, I'll reconsider it a possibility.

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