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oh well, it will do for now, I have a password set on the phone so at least that helps.

found an issue with integration with contacts. I can't seem to add the MSN service onto my contacts. I can see them someone talks to me and then I can add them by clicking on their name in messages. Are you having a similar issue? It did merge my hotmail contacts, but I had a MfE account with hotmail already so it was all synced in the first place, there was a couple of duplicate emails but if I tap on them I send an email instead.

Also noticed that if I add this contact after seeing it pop up in the message window. I do get MSN under Service for this contact, but under the word MSN there is 'failed'
Apart from Service there is also Mail, where it contains the contact's email address.

EDIT: I went into Accounts, disabled MSN, saved it, and then went back in and reenabled it. This did the trick and in the contacts window it displayed 'fetching contacts' after a minute or 2 it properly merged my contacts!!

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