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I played with the production samples at Gitex in Dubai. They look good, and the guys are working on getting Linux on the device.
That's very nice to hear!

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Some of the problem is down to Mediatek, because their release is Android-only, which means things either have to be rewritten or libhybris has to be used to call the Android kernel drivers ó which means, in turn, being stuck on the same release as Android.
Do you know which are the problematic part? Ie. what works on the mainline kernel and what doesn't?

I personally would be okay with libhybris as well, as long as I can then use my preferred desktop environment and apps.

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The Planet guys are pressuring Mediatek, and we should all do the same. One of the Mediatek guys actually told me that some of the kernel modules are written for them by Google. Iím not sure itís true, but things are probably more complicated than we would like!
I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

Originally Posted by ttmooney View Post
Anyway, progress is being made. Iíll check in with the Planet guys here in London once work slows down a bit.
If you do, please share the story with us.

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