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Thanks justmemory.

I wanted to add it directly but had only Jolla with me and could not upload anything else than documents, pictures, videos, ...
DUMB smartphone

Now from N900 no prob. Maybe DNA will also need xlstproc?

I have AGTL and xslt installed on the same N900. So I guess anything else removed it?
No need for xsltproc. libxslt did the job.
Well maybe you have another app that pulls libxslt coz app manager removed it together with AGTL. I'm planning on reviving AGTL. I will get in touch with geocaching team to get access to API and AGTL maintener to help it with again.

Originally Posted by justmemory View Post
I do not know; I linked the "parent" directory because if something else is needed then it is available there somewhere...
And thank you so much for this. Now I will know where to look for stuff I may need in future. Does it say somewhere about this backup? I couldn't find any info about where to look for stuff from official repository that no longer available.
Thx a lot guys.

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