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I took this N810 a week ago, and i am totally new to this maemo platform. so can any one help me on these issues below :

1) Is video calling is possible on N810 - and with which application ?
does it work with skype ?
Currently i could make only voice calls on skype.
if skype does not work, is there an application that can use googletalk for video calls ?

2) how can i use google voice with the dialcentre - it always asks me for a callback no.
and i am not able to find the right place even on googlevoice to register that callback no.

3) I find N810 too slow in launching any applications - how can i enhance the speed.

4) How can i delete the games which are preinstalled in the N810. I do not use much of gaming applications. I just would like to increase some space.

5) Heard that N810 has inbuilt GPS -
Is there a good GPS application to run it
there are so many in the installable applications - which one is the easiest and consumes less space.
i found this freemap-il but it does not look like in english...

I am totally new to this maemo, but want to explore, i have searched a lot of forums and threads on maemo, but could not find clear answers...

hence posting this new one.........

please help