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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Probably because they were phones, not multipurpose devices with the phone functionality bolted on.
This. So much this.

I'm particularly old school in a lot of things, but I actually use my phone to call people. Whenever it can do everything BUT that one function, I start to question it. Too many people are too concentrated on auxiliary functions that tend to be nowhere near communication on these phones/devices, but more like they're replacing a computer.

I found it appropriate that the N900 was considered a "pocket pc". Much like I was fond of the separation of the "internet tablets" that the 770 through N810 represented. It wasn't a phone, those labels managed expectations and I had no misconception of what I owned.

Now? If it can send an emoji or connect to some social media, folks call it a phone if it fits into your pocket. Whether or not it can actually do "phone things" is often a secondary thought.

Back to topic though... I feel as if this feature was overlooked because it seems to be a rather North American thing. It's not unique, but it seems to be something that works well here. But then again, the original release of the N900 saw that it had no MMS capabilities. Go figure.

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