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In case anyone from Jolla checks this, yes, this would be an appreciated feature to have on Sailfish.

For those who haven't used this, I shall give you a use case:

Working with a group of 10-12 people distributed in a convention center who are technicians monitoring the distribution of live video content for attendees. I'll be in the broadcast studio with phone on silent. Each person has their own phones, which these days has been narrowed down to iPhones, Android-based phones, and me, which up until this weekend has been an N9. A group MMS is set up and everyone just replies to that.

I'll send out an instruction and everyone needs to see that. But if one person observes an anomaly in the broadcast where they are located, they immediately report it. Everyone gets the message and they can start chiming in with their observations. We quickly determine whether this is an isolated glitch, or a system-wide problem.

The people only work with each other for the duration of the broadcast and we may not see each other again. So trying to get people to install an app, set up an account just to work a few days is problematic. It's just easier to get everyone's phone number and do the group MMS. Anymore, I may not even program them in as a contact and just have the phone numbers show up in the chat.

Doing this with the N9 was torturous. All the messages come as separate threads based on the person sending it. If there was a conversation taking place, I could click on person A, read ten messages from them but not understand context because I had to click on person B to see their messages, and so on. It definitely has not been as efficient as it is for everyone else on the team.

What I did not know until reading this thread is that this is a pretty much U.S.-only thing. Then again, as someone pointed out, when you pay by message, that would be crazy expensive really quickly. It is only a thing in the U.S. because of the unlimited messages plans I guess.

Oh well. I'll add my vote to a request to see this implemented in the future, but I get the business decision to not allocate resources toward this if it's just the U.S. market that uses it.

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