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This might be OT sensu stricto but it is relevant to the neo900 enterprise. Given jonwil's lists, how many part-time devs would it take to get a working fremantle on the neo900 in 6 months? I appreciate that this may be guesswork but the issue has me wondering....
[2013-09-14 11:30:23] <jonwil> I think the # of packages that will need stuff done to them for the Neo900 is not as big as I thought it would be
[2013-09-14 11:31:20] <jonwil> The hardest part will be the cellular modem stuff
[2013-09-14 13:37:07] <DocScrutinizer05> ((<jonwil> ... # of packages that will need stuff done...not as big. The hardest part will be the cellular modem stuff)) I'm really happy to see you are 100% in line with my own estimation regarding this :-) \o/

[2013-09-14 13:53:59] <jonwil> DocScrutinuizer05: The GPS will be the other hard part
[2013-09-14 13:54:14] <jonwil> And a few smaller parts like MCE
[2013-09-14 13:54:24] <DocScrutinizer05> yep, exactly
[2013-09-14 13:55:00] <DocScrutinizer05> GPS is low prio, MCE is a MUST HAVE
[2013-09-14 13:56:52] <DocScrutinizer05> IOW GPS we can make all FOSS apps work, even when switching to completely different API
[2013-09-14 13:57:21] <DocScrutinizer05> (though that's not really the idea behind FP)
[2013-09-14 13:59:25] <jonwil> btw it is my view that we should set the goal of doing things such that we dont need to touch telepathy-ring, rtcom-call-ui or rtcom-messaging-ui at all.
[2013-09-14 13:59:41] <DocScrutinizer05> but we can jerry-build sth that kinda works, even with a thin compatibility layer above gypsy
[2013-09-14 14:00:10] <DocScrutinizer05> yes, absolutely

[edit] such GPS compatibility layer would make all GPS applications work - more or less - as usual, but first approach it leaves the Nokia bits broken: system status GPS icon and system menu resp settings "GPS"
For GSM/modem we can worst case use a dialer from SHR based on FSO, until the csd* bits are ported. Such stuff exists for GTA04 already, working - of course zero integration into maemo, like call log, contacts, whatnot else.
Likewise for GPRS data maemo already works with arbitrary internet access via e.g. USB tethering to PC. Same would of course work with arbitrary built-in modem as long as driver (from FSO) does the network access. Just maemo integration into automatic connection switching between WLAN and GPRS will again not be that simple. With csd* bits adaption this will change.

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