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and lastly ..."Hmm, I reckon you'd also want a way to create Diablo/Fremantle compatible debs, which would be another challenge."
yea ... hm..well for the time being at least..considering that fremantle has plenty of hands in the pot over all the n900debian, fptf, etc...I think there are enough brains pointed at those probs without adding to them immediately...not to mention..there aren't alot of current brains focusing on the n8x0 line...fact is...for a long time there hasn't been....the last couple months it's been pretty much just you and Kotczarny that have been doing the pioneering for the n8x0.
in the long haul it would be advantageous to have 1 cohesive method across platforms..but right now with all the n900 projects going on I think better to wait on that idea. But for goodness sake don't you dare stop on the n8x0's!
I think I was misunderstood here. I didn't mean making a single package that would run on both Diablo and Fremantle. I was just talking about being able to build a deb on a modern system which will install on those older distros. I suspect that requires forward-porting the older dpkg toolchain. Might be simpler to just use an etch chroot for that part. I've never looked into that area, maybe it's a non-issue. I notice dpkg has a --deb-format option, perhaps that's enough?

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