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Yeah annnyway....

moving on. Thanks to everyone else for their help. I will try the suggestions.

Stevies gizmo may get by using content served by some providers formatted for his device...

I never expected my tablets 4.1" screen to provide the same user experience as my desktop. I found that most of what I needed from the net when I was away from a man sized computer was being served formatted for mobile devices.

Using those sites and tweaking a UserContent style sheet, I can pull up data using only a 19.2 kbps cell phone connection faster than my desktop with a broadband connection. Much faster than even a 3G iPhone.

Some Examples:

For local news >

CSS Tweaks
@-moz-document url-prefix( {
    img {display: none !important }
@-moz-document url-prefix( {
  body {font-size: 150% !important}
^Sized just about right and with no ad images.

You can find a similar domain for other US cities @

For stock & financial info I use >
with the same type of CSS tweaks


Wikipedia >

And so on ...

I also forward to a Gmail account and use > to access it. Tweak as required.

Oh yea, I almost forgot...

It is possible to add additional search engines to the Internet Search applet if you have root access to your tablet. The configuration files for the search applet are located under /usr/share/mis.

For example, for Google it looks like this:

<search name="Google"
<input name="btnG" value="Search"/>
<input name="hl" value="en"/>
<input name="safe" value="medium"/>
<input name="client" value="ms-nokia-wifi"/>

If you add /m to the "action" line like so
Your searches will return results formatted for a mobile device if available.

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