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Originally Posted by Sfiet_Konstantin View Post
I explored this before. However, QML files embedded in binaries are sometimes optimized so that they are not in plain text anymore. (use a qrc to compile several QML files in release mode and use strings)

EDIT: or do you want to do that in runtime ?
They are compressed AFAICT but not optimized but it's trivial to decompress them.

If we have an LD_PRELOAD that can get access to the actual QML data (I don't yet know how) then we can capture the data, modify it and return the modified data to the QML "compiler". It's not resource intensive. I have done something similar in a Qt4 app of mine (replace certain strings during runtime in the embedded QML files). Don't ask me why I did that

EDIT: One advantage for patching during runtime is we can tie the patches to a certain OS release easily.
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