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Originally Posted by otsaloma View Post
A moderator deleted all my posts and all threads started by me and gave me an infinite ban. Why? I don't know. An admin let me back in, but said posts are too difficult to safely recover.
I am sorry to hear that!

I was waiting with updating, as I worried your account might have been hijacked. Glad to hear that's not the case, but this is unfortunate too.

On the bright side, you're now an owner of what's most likely the account with the highest Thanks / Post ratio on this forum
I don't understand why would anyone use a random, insecure, proprietary chatting solution as WhatsApp, when you have so many safe and open alternatives.
Please, don't use it. If this doesn't convince you, read more here.
The worst thing is even if you don't use it, it takes one ***** who does and has your number in his/her contacts and your number is uploaded to servers of this insane company for 'anyone interested' to read.
Thumbs up for everyone supporting WhatsApp on Maemo. NOT

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