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Version 0.25 available at OpenRepos.
  • Fix padding, spacing, icon sizes and font sizes to work better across different size and different pixel density screens
  • Move the menu button to the bottom center of screen
  • Use Mapbox's navigation icons
  • Add scale filters to a pulldown menu in the basemap page
  • Remove MapQuest Open tile source as tiles are no longer available
  • Add @2x variants of OpenCycleMap and Thunderforest Transport
  • Include scale in all tile source names, including @1x
  • Remove Nominatim geocoders
  • Add OpenCage and Photon geocoders and make OpenCage the default
  • Use the latest version of the OSRM router API
  • Make Mapzen Turn-by-Turn the default router
  • Indicate in lists of providers which is the default one
  • New design for HSL Journey Planner results page
  • Handle initial centering and zoom level better on first startup if positioning data not available
  • Raise API connection timeout to 15 seconds

Some notes about the tilesource scale updates. @1x devices and single-scale providers are getting rare, hence the changes.

Include scale in all tile source names, including @1x
This also means that if you have a symlinked cache shared across map apps or a precious huge archive of tiles, you might need to manually rename your directory or symlink. e.g. OpenStreetMap tiles used to be cached under ~/.cache/harbour-poor-maps/openstreetmap, but are now under ~/.cache/harbour-poor-maps/openstreetmap_@1x. I didn't add any migration for this, but any possible cache expiration and tile purging applies to obsolete directories as well.

Add scale filters to a pulldown menu in the basemap page
If you have configured additional tile sources of your own (under ~/.local/share/harbour-poor-maps/tilesources), note that the new filtering is based on tile source names (not the scale field!), so you might want to add @1x or @2x to the names of your tile sources.

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