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2.83 has been released, includes a few more fixes since last snapshot. I'll try to update in next few days.

WebPVR is included but as noted elsewhere doesn't work correctly in places. Never used console commands much for PVR.

As for a GUI... I started modifiying cuteTube but had to rebase it on latest version to make it easier to maintain. Version pictured was original with basic search, portrait support, information (pictured), related (series) look up, categories built dynamically and download of individual shows. Re-write remembers listed transfers but download code incomplete. most other previous support is in place.

Only issue is reliability over 3G of rtmpdump. Resuming doesn't always work. Both versions are using get_iplayer at the moment, but may change.

I've not posted it because a) it currently doesn't do anything fruitful b) not sure about breach of t&c's
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